The act : short circuit or revival ?

Issue 10 : October, 2015
ISBN : 9782749248769

The study of acting-out covers a large panel of behaviours and expressions which are illustrated by the amount of words used to qualify them : behavioural disorders, actions, acts, acting-out, acting-in, parapraxis, bungled action, faulty act, obsessive act, compulsive act… Just like the varied vocabulary, the clinic is quite heterogeneous. However, the physical and sensory-motor dimension links these various levels of behaviour which attest of the erosion of the capacities to represent these affects, the failure of putting into words. But they may also prove the interaction between physical and sensory-motor activity, and a certain reality’s base. What encourages the act ? Is the acting only a short-circuit of the thought, it’s failure ? How can the therapeutical or institutional act become a reorganization and mental transformation process ?


Bernard PENOT, Philippe JEAMMET, Isaac SALEM, Alain BRACONNIER, Stéphane DEROCHE, Vincent ESTELLON, Anastasia TOLIOU, Dominique BOURDIN, Anais DEVAUX, Cécile ANTIGNY, Manuella DE LUCA, Anne MAUPAS, Marine MERRIEN, Julie ROLLING, Fabienne LIGIER, Astrid DUPRET

Table of contents

Editorial. P. de Saint Jacob

Introduction. C. Costantino. C. Antigny


Geneology of Acting-outs

The Act in all Shapes and States. D. Bourdin

Excitement, Drive and Psychodrama. I. Salem

In Between Pain and Behaviour, What Place is there for Representation ? A. Maupas

Acting Out. P. Jeammet


What Institutional Responses are given to Acting Outs ?

Collective Psychoanalytic Work With the Family in an Adolescent Ambulatory Institution. B. Penot

Listening to the Traumatic Act Within the Institution. A. Braconnier

Institutional Responses to Behavioural Expressions in an Alzheimer Unit. M. Merrien

Suicidal Adolescents and Today’s Society, Psychopathological Reflections and Secondary Prevention.  J. Rolling and F. Ligier

Youth Delinquency : Imaginary of the Act. A. Dupret


Clinical illustrations of behavioural expressions

The Act as Limit. M. De Luca and V. Estellon

Institutional Staging of a Bordeline Personality’s Acting Outs. A. Devaux

Actings and Actions in Psychoanalytic Group Therapy : Transgression or Mediation? A. Toliou

A hysterical O.C.D. S. Deroche

See also

Le Symptôme : un allié?

The symptom : a ally?

L'insolence du symptôme

The insolence of the symptom

Intimité dévoilée, intime à retrouver

Intimacy unveiled, intimate to be regained

L'intime à l'épreuve de la vie institutionnelle

The Challenge of Intimacy in a Care Institution

Faut-il avoir peur des institutions de soin?

Should we be Afraid of Care Institutions?

Les figures de la peur en institution

Fear figures in the institution

La vie quotidienne en institution : aliénation ou libération ?

Everyday Life in institutions : alienation or freedom?

La vie quotidienne : le véritable enjeu du soin psychique en institution ?

« Everyday Life : Institutional Care’s True Stake ? »

Les fonctions de la répétition

Repetition’s Functions

La répétition : entre résistance et changement

Repetition : from Resistance to Change ?

Les médiations : un dispositif thérapeutique ?

Mediations : a therapeutic device ?

Médiations, lien et symbolisation

Mediations, bonding and symbolization

L'acte : court-circuit ou relance ?

The act : short circuit or revival ?

Clinique de l'agir : décharge ou adresse objectale ?

Acting Out : Discharge or Object Intent?

La dépendance : de la fusion à la confusion

Dependency : from Fusion to Confusion

Dépendances avec fin, dépendances sans fin

Dependency with an End, Dependency without End

Ordres et désordres de l'oralité aux différents âges de la vie

Orality Orders and Disorders at Different Times of Life

Du traumatisme aux voies thérapeutiques possibles

From Trauma to Possible Therapeutic Paths

De la perte au renoncement

From Loss to Renunciation

Les enjeux de la pluridisciplarité

The Challenges of Multidisciplinarity

De l'effraction au traumatisme

From Intrusion to Trauma

Contenance et soin psychique

Containers and Psychic Care


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